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KIN Consulting Group’s core competencies include primary and secondary research and analysis. Our people, with backgrounds in journalism, intelligence, research, and analysis, have wide-ranging experience in gathering, processing, and analyzing information. With our vast network of contacts and information-collecting capabilities, we can provide you with answers to specific questions regarding your competition or potential partner in Korea, with emphasis on information that is not readily available through open source intelligence.

We can help identify risks and opportunities in the market before they become obvious, i.e. before they become widely available factual information (such as market statistics, financial reports, news stories). Our competitive intelligence service provides perspective on developments and events aimed at yielding a competitive edge.

Our open source intelligence collection and analysis methods have been refined and adapted for the Korean environment based on more than a decade of experience. Our consultants in Korea and the U.S. have extensive experience in identifying and gaining access to hard-to-find sources of desired information. We know where to find the information we need, and how to put it to use for the benefit of our clients, quickly, efficiently, and discreetly.

Our ultimate goal is to deliver actionable intelligence to our clients.